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How to Make the Most of Your Holiday Homework at DPS Mathura Road

How to Make the Most of Your Holiday Homework at DPS Mathura Road

Holiday homework is a great opportunity to revise what you have learned, explore new topics, and develop your skills and creativity. At DPS Mathura Road, we design holiday homework that is engaging, meaningful, and fun for our students. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your holiday homework at DPS Mathura Road:

Dps Mathura Road Holiday Homework

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  • Plan your time wisely. Divide your holiday homework into manageable chunks and set a schedule for completing them. Avoid procrastination and last-minute rush.

  • Follow the instructions carefully. Read the guidelines and objectives of each assignment and follow them accordingly. If you have any doubts or queries, contact your teachers or classmates for clarification.

  • Use online resources. You can access various online platforms and portals that provide useful information and learning materials for your holiday homework. For example, you can use Diksha Portal, NCERT, Britannica, NASA, National Geographic Kids, etc.

  • Be creative and innovative. Use your imagination and originality to make your holiday homework stand out. You can use different formats, media, tools, and techniques to present your work. For example, you can use PowerPoint, videos, podcasts, posters, models, etc.

  • Have fun and enjoy. Holiday homework is not only about academics but also about having fun and enjoying your learning process. You can involve your family and friends in some of the activities and share your work with them. You can also participate in various competitions and events organized by the school during the holidays.

Holiday homework is a valuable part of your learning journey at DPS Mathura Road. We hope you will enjoy doing it and benefit from it. We look forward to seeing your amazing work when the school reopens. Happy holidays!

Here are some examples of holiday homework assignments for different classes and subjects at DPS Mathura Road:






Make a scrapbook of your favourite story with pictures and sentences.



Make a model of a 3D shape using straws and clay. Write its name, number of faces, edges, and vertices.



Conduct an experiment on any topic of your choice and record your observations, results, and conclusions.


Social Studies

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation on any historical or geographical topic of your choice. Include facts, pictures, maps, and references.

Senior Secondary


Analyse the financial statements of any company of your choice and write a report on its performance and profitability.

You can find more details and guidelines for each assignment on the school website or the ERP portal. You can also download the PDF files of the holiday homework for each class and subject from the links below:

  • Pre-Primary Holiday Homework

  • Holiday Home Work Preschool

  • Holiday Home Work Class I

  • Holiday Home Work Class II

  • Holiday Home Work Class III

  • Holiday Home Work Class IV

  • Holiday Home Work Class V

We hope you will enjoy doing your holiday homework at DPS Mathura Road and learn something new and interesting. We wish you a happy and productive holiday. See you soon! e0e6b7cb5c


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