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Buy Canvas Teepee !!HOT!!

Canvas tipi (or teepee) tent lining made in the Northwest Territories Canada. These tents are not your novelty product, they are made to withstand the bone chilling arctic climate. Available a number of assorted sizes from 8 to 22 feet wide.

buy canvas teepee

The Fort McPherson Tent and Canvas Shop has been making traditional canvas tipis for over 20 years. These tipis are built arctic tough with 10 oz canvas that is fire and mildew resistant. They are made to withstand the elements whether it be extreme cold or extreme heat.

These teepees allow you to be able to lay by an open fire, warm and cozy while listening to the rain tap on the water resistant treated canvas. They allow you to roast hot dogs and not worry about getting smoke in your eyes . One of the most traditional and pleasing ways to camp and be one with nature.

Our tent and tipi ('teepee' or 'tepee') canvas includes quality Sunforger finished cotton canvas. This fabric is perfect for making tent canvas, tipis, boat covers and other outdoor projects where a durable water repellent, mildew resistant finish is required. Also available with and without certified fire retardant finish. All of our Army Duck meets Military and Federal Standards CCC-C-419G.

The wall tent, also referred to as a cabin tent, has a history and legacy as old as the country. Our premium 12oz canvas is for those who want to go further and stay longer. Designed to offer extra insulation and durability, it is heavier and slightly thicker than our traditional 10oz canvas.

Built from our traditional 10oz canvas, the Range tent is a simple design perfect for one to two people. The Range has a stove jack, one window and a screen door with a sewn-in floor. It boasts an easy setup, consisting of one center pole and includes the stakes, rope, and tension adjusters necessary for use.

Time-tested Native American design infused with modern materials and features for performance and ease of use. The steep incline of the 100% cotton canvas effectively sheds wind, snow, and rain. A single center pole, zip in/out water and vapor impenetrable groundsheet, and guy lines for extra stability make the Tipi backcountry burly and backyard convenient.

The teepee tent is a historically reliable camping shelter and famous for its versatility: It can keep the heat off in the summer, provide adequate warmth in the winter, and keep you dry when the weather turns. Aside from the strappings of its time-earned reputation, modern tents built in the teepee style have some unique benefits over other styles of outdoor shelter.

One of the best things about a teepee tent is its versatility. If you need a shelter, whether it be a spacious family sized shelter to house the kids and dogs, or a small basecamp for extended backcountry trips, there are certain specific tents to fit both those needs and more.

I SUGGEST YOU READ my Canvas Wall Tent Info Guide. It provides much information on 30 different topics that will assist you in selecting the correct canvas wall tent model, size to purchase and recommended accessories.

THE BEST CANVAS TENTS with stove are a necessity during hunting trips and especially in the back country. I live in a canvas tent six to seven weeks a year while hunting elk, deer, and bear in the Idaho Wilderness. All hunting tents and stoves have been thoroughly tested. The wilderness is also the best canvas winter tent online.

THE BEST GLAMPING TENTS FOR SALE ONLINE. 6 foot sidewalls available to give your clients a much more enjoyable glamping experience with the extra 1 foot in headroom along the side walls. OUR GUARANTEE. All products, including outfitter tents, are guaranteed for 2 years for workmanship and material. Most other companies have only a 1 year guarantee. 1 year commercial use guarantee. FREE TENT FEATURES. There is no other canvas hunting tent for sale online that has the Wilderness outfitter tents free standard features, I guarantee it. Free features include back door or back window, reinforced ridge with an extra layer of canvas, sod cloth, storm flap over door zipper, reinforced eave with webbing and D rings, ridge lodge pole openings, tent bag and stove jack for stove pipe.

Bought a wilderness 12 x14 walltent and stove " 20 " years ago from you. Awesome tent has held up and kept us warm in some harsh Michigan deer hunting weather. Been in heavy snowstorms, -20 actual temperatures and extreme wind and rainstorms over the years. Does not leak at all and has been outstanding. Thank you. With that being said I was wondering if I buy the the cook shack for it how do I get a rain fly for both of them. The tent and cook shack? Also can I use mild dish soap to clean it up od no? What is your recommendation? Thanks again. I really love it and it has served us well. Terry. We have inspected the canvas tent and already cut the frame and seasoned the stove. The tent is made with beautiful craftsmanship. I will take pictures and send you a review and try to spread the word about Wall Tent Shop every chance we get to show it off. It is rugged enough for a Rocky Mountain elk camp and beautiful enough for honeymoon glamping. Rich, thank you for your service. It is great to deal with another vet. 7 years Afghanistan. Joel. There is no comparison in price and quality in any canvas tent I have ever seen compared to your Wilderness tent. You definitely have the best wall tents available. Mark. I have a couple outfitter friends and both recommended your outdoor canvas tents for the quality and the additional free features that other companies do not normally include. When outfitters recommend your products, that is good enough for me. I want to order a 16x20. John. I love my canvas tent with stove. Wall Tent Shop has more information on canvas tents with stoves than all the other websites combined. Rich, you and your staff try to help the customer rather than just concentrating on selling your products. That is why I chose you Rich and I knew I would get great products from Wall Tent Shop. Joseph. I have been hunting since I was 10 years old. I am now 47. This is by far the best wall tent I have ever owned. Top quality canvas, reinforced extra layer of canvas at the ridge and eaves. Workmanship and pride in quality of tent is very obvious. Thank you again. Larry. FEDEX misplaced my package. Instead of waiting for FEDEX to find my lost box you guys sent out another canvas hunting tent immediately to insure I received it before I left for hunting camp. I really appreciate your customer service. I have never been taken care of better. Lewis. Would like to provide feedback to Wall Tent Shop on my satisfaction on my 12 x 14 canvas wall tent that I have been using over the last 2 seasons. It has been a game changer and I am loving every minute of it. Sometimes I wished I had gone with a smaller 10 x 12 as I set it up by myself. Mainly because of the weight but it is nice to have the spare bit of room. This last season was the first to set it up on snow and deal with snow throughout the week long hunt. But very comfortable and no issues. I am very pleased, happy and no complaints from my end on the quality of your tent. Fantastic. Regards, Robert. 3237 The wall tent I purchased from you is a winner! I am so impressed with the canvas quality. Feels much thicker than the canvas on other tents I looked at. No other wall tent I have ever seen has the reinforcement on your wilderness model. I use a lodge pole frame when I go elk hunting and the double layer of canvas on the roof will help inusure I don't tear the canvas when I slide in the roof beam. The free storm flap is also great as it will protect my zipper from snow and ice. You should know I talked to another company and the storm flap was a fifty dollar option. I never like to do business with companies that try to nickle and dime you. Also, your back window option is free while another company tried to charge me for the window. The wilderness canvas wall tent is exactly what I needed at a very reasonable price. If you guys ever need a reference from some customer I am your man. I will send you pictures from my elk camp. Thanks again, Charles. READ MORE TESTIMONIALS > 12 OZ CANVAS ? 12 oz Canvas? I am often asked if it is best to buy 10 or 12 oz canvas. I prefer 10 oz canvas tents. Some companies will try to upsell the more expensive 12 oz canvas tent, BEWARE. My outfitter customers do not buy 12 oz canvas tents despite using their tents for months in extreme weather conditions. Outfitters tell me the extra cost and extra weight is not worth it. A 10 oz canvas tent with a fly is a a much better system and will last for decades. Howwever, if you need a 12 oz, I sell Montana Canvas 12 oz tents 5% below Montana retail with free shipping. The Montana 12 oz tents are the the best available, top quality with a great warranty for workmanship. Any questions feel free to call us at 800-234-1150.

If you tore a single piece of untreated canvas in half and then applied Sunforger to one-half and a different treatment to the other, the Sunforger treated half would perform best in terms of strength, ability to breathe, overall integrity, and longevity.

Some would have you believe that all treatments are equal or a matter of brand preference (like Coke or Pepsi ): this is simply not true. Inferior treatments impede breathability and cause more rapid deterioration of the canvas when exposed to the elements, making the tent both less comfortable and reducing its usable life. For these reasons, we pay extra for the Sunforger treatment!

Hunters who spend a lot of time in the back-country know that a quality wall tent is the foundation for a comfortable camp and successful hunting experience. Big Sky Canvas's Wall Tents are the perfect sportsman's home away from home. Long preferred by outfitters wanting a stable base camp, they are quickly becoming the choice of more and more big-game hunters who realize a tent is more than a place to sleep. We offer five standard sizes, or custom sizes, all affordable, and all generational. Made of tough 12 oz. duck canvas treated to be fire-retardant and water- and mildew-resistant. Sheds the most persistent wind, rain and snow. 041b061a72


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