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Pandora Hearts Episode 2

A 25-episode anime television series adaptation by Xebec was broadcast from April to September 2009. A nine-episode extra original video animation (OVA) was released from July 2009 to March 2010. In North America, the anime series was licensed by NIS America.

Pandora Hearts Episode 2

Studio Xebec produced a 25-episode anime television series adaptation in 2009, it was directed by Takao Kato.[14][15] The series aired from April 3 to September 25, 2009.[16][17] The series broadcast on TBS, BS-TBS, CBC and MBS for its initial run.[18] On February 11, 2010, NIS America announced the licensing of the series in North America,[19][20] and released English-subtitled DVDs of the anime on October 26, 2010.[21]

The first ending theme "Maze" was released on June 3, 2009 under Victor Entertainment,[26] and peaked at 35th in the Oricon singles chart.[27] The Second Ending theme is "Watashi wo Mitsukete" by Savage Genius. The first anime album Pandora hearts Original Soundtracks 1 was released July 8, 2009 under Victor Entertainment,[28] and peaked at 104th on Oricon albums chart.[29] A drama CD entitled Pandora Hearts Drama CD was released on December 21, 2007 under Frontier works.[30][31]

Pandora Hearts is an anime television series adaptation based on the manga series of the same name by written and illustrated by Jun Mochizuki. It is directed by Takao Kato under the studio XEBEC. The series debuted on April 2, 2009 through the Japanese TV networks TBS and BS-TBS. The series uses four theme songs: one opening song, two ending songs, and one insert song. The opening theme is "Parallel Hearts" by FictionJunction, and the ending themes are "Maze" by Savage Genius feat. Tomoe Ohmi and "Watashi wo Mitsukete" by Savage Genius. The insert song "Every Time You Kissed Me" performed by Emily Bindiger is used in the last episode.

Most of English subbed episodes are available within 24-48 hours after the episode is aired in Japan. The RAW version is most of the time within 8-24 hours available. Pandora Hearts Episode 2 English subbed will be added in this page as soon as possible if it available. While waiting, you may want to check these links. Source Link :- -hearts-episode-2-streaming-video

The premise of this episode is to prove whether or not the Book of Vanitas is a tome of blight. Normal vampires are terrified of this tome, and understandably so. It was created to contaminate them after all. In fact, vampires that become curse-bearers are to be executed because of said fear, as is the impending fate of Amelia Ruth. 041b061a72


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