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[S5E17] The Console

In the end, Al reports to Sam that Angel and Liz are both paroled, Warden Myers takes the fall for Carol's death, and Vivian ends up running the prison. Al doesn't know what happened to Alia but consoles that she's free of whomever was leaping her through time. With that, Sam leaps to his next mission.

[S5E17] The Console

As Emily is closing up The Brew, she finds Talia in the kitchen cooking. Talia tells Emily to stir her dish while she cleans up. Emily receives a text from Hanna telling her that Tanner and Toby were also at the storage locker and gets distracted and the dish catches fire. Talia consoles her that such things happen and tells her to wait outside.

Posters of Lineage II and Mirror's Edge were in Howard's bedroom before he moved in with Bernadette. A copy of Lineage II can often be seen on the table in front of the alcove (next to the Halo 3 helmet in many episodes). In "The Bozeman Reaction", Sheldon and Leonard's apartment was burglarized and Sheldon reported to the police officer that their various video game consoles and many video games were among the items stolen.[21]

When one of the friends is killed by a bear after being smeared with lure to shut him up, Sivarro is interrogated when Gowen's iPod is found, with Sivarro having purchased the songs. She stonewalls them with enough of a smug front, denying she was even in the room, offering her DNA. She later comes up when Gowen's murder case is tracked to the strip club the two women work at. Sivarro is once again questioned, and she identifies Gowen, in tears over losing her friend. She expresses her grief over how Gowen did Sivarro a favor in filling in for her, regretting she died on Sivarro's shift. That's when she reveals the dead friend killed the strip club bodyguard and hauled his corpse out, scared to tell for her own safety. When it gets to the owner, Joe Mazarro, Mazarro pimps Sivarro out to O'Shay, the politician threatening to cause damage if it gets out. O'Shay's arrested regardless, Sivarro taken away for her own protective custody. After the two remaining killers are both arrested, Horatio Caine consoles her with Gowen's justice in the arrest of the guilty parties, giving her his own munber to call him on if she's in trouble. Caine then demands O'Shay stay away from her. 041b061a72


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