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Crisis Prevention Intervention Training Online !!EXCLUSIVE!!

Crisis Prevention training provides effective verbal and physical non-violent techniques to deal with challenging or aggressive persons. Crisis Consultant Group promotes curriculum that has evolved into a movement of improving fundamental human interaction during crisis across the globe.

crisis prevention intervention training online

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Crisis Prevention methodologies taught by Crisis Consultant Group teach individuals to identify, prevent and de-escalate crisis situations in a variety of occupational and field settings. The Calm Every Storm curriculum is a program that allows responders to quickly identify effective interventions to mitigate crisis in all stages of escalation.

Crisis Prevention & Intervention training conducted by Crisis Consultant Group empowers those in the nursing profession to better understand the crisis cycle and how to identify and safely defuse hostile or violent behavior without harm coming to themselves as the responder, as well as the individual in crisis.

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I enjoyed the personal examples of crisis intervention prevention training provided when a new topic was presented. Certified CPI certification course was easy to use, glad I found you when searching for what is cpi training cost and non-violent options.

This course really change my perception of crisis prevention. I wish they would've added this to my SCM course. now I feel so open minded and truly understand why some methods by themselves may or may not work but verbal interventions are the key to de-escalating crisis situations.

I am just beginning in a field where I will likely face individuals in crisis s this information and the techniques offered was very helpful in understanding there are proven ways to bring a situatiion back to "baseline". I will review this material often and have made detailed notes to refer to to help me if and when a crisis situation arises. Though I understand that it is my responsibility when confronted with such a situation, techniques such as presented will go a long way in guiding me in the right direction. I didn't feel that this training was counter-intuitive, to the contrary I felt it enhanced many of the ways I felt I should react, though before, didn't know quite how to go about it. Thanks.

I was looking for a class and it answered what is cpi training test in de-escalation. This online course was extremely interesting, the instructor is extremely knowledgeable and held my attention the entire time. Thank you!

I would like to say that Brendan is AWESOME! He is one of the few instructors who has been on the front line dealing with crisis situations. His resume and all his credentials speak for itself. I will continue to use Crisis Consultant Group, LLC as a training tool to keep my staff in compliance with CPI.

I have participated in prior hands-on Crisis Prevention and Intervention Trainings, although I believe I gained a better grasp and understanding of the provided and practiced interventions to intervene and de-escalate a crisis.

The course was very useful in that it gave specific interventions to be used to help to de-esculate crisis situations. I enjoyed the videos that were used to show problems that can occur in crisis situations.

One of the things I enjoyed was how the course used different scenarios from the real world to explain crisis prevention training techniques, and broke down better ways to go about such kind of situations.

Appreciate how the hierarchy of needs was tied into the training, have found working with kids who have experienced trauma that the feeling of safety or lack thereof, is one of the key triggers for crisis.

Since this is my first course of this type of content, I feel the interventions can be used in all areas of my life. My son has autism, and he can escalate into a "crisis" very quickly. I feel most of these interventions will help me interact with him, as well as him learning to better deal with regulation of his emotions, especially in situations where he might feel overwhelmed.Using these techniques on a regular basis, I feel I will be more prepared to confidently handle any possible crisis situation, should one ever arise. Thank you so much for developing this course. It definitely has been educational, helpful& undeniably useful!

The videos assist in remembering points. Well organized and each part flows into the next for understanding. Both of the police videos were disturbing because of the way the African American men were treated.(I am anglo). I hope that it can be incorporated in your course that people with an 'agenda' will not be successful with crisis intervention prevention training. For this reason, de-briefing is an absolute must. It is excellent that you included the part of society that may be minimized: refugees, illegal aliens, developmental challenged, LGBTQIA. I did learn the importance of trauma in crisis intervention prevention certifications. Thanks for this. I had no idea and the cost was fair..

Thank you! The course provided candid, solid examples based on the trainer's experiences that go a long way toward building rapport with students. Role modeling behaviors, tone, language was well done. If I recall correctly, at least two of the videos are also used by other trainers which helps to re-enforce key points. Re-enforcing key points is important because the language and approaches used by different trainers varies. For example, there seems to be no industry standard 'tools' SOLVE, Verbal Intervention etc. Each trainer seems to have their own approach, though the fundamentals of AL, Reframing, Summary, Empathy, Relationship and Rapport building are constant - of course with an eye for danger, possibility of physical encounter. Thank you for an unexpectedly good online training experience! My expectations for other trainings are now much higher ?

It was intriguing because this course went into depth about how you should respond and think about the person thats in crisis. On you are feeling and what your thinking because a lot of times you can de-escalate a crisis through verbal intervention strategies.

I thought the course was interesting and provided excellent information. The presenter was enthusiastic and maintained my interest throughout the course.This course provided the best information for my profession and presents a positive and encouraging philosophy for crisis intervention all types of individuals and behaviors.

This course provided detailed examples of statements and tools that can be implemented in my position as an ER Psychiatric Nurse, some of which I have already had the opportunity to utilize with patients after having gone through the material over the past few days. It really is an 'updated' version of the training I have had in the past. It was very easy to understand, and the examples were realistic, coming from the instructor who has a tremendous amount of experience in crisis interventions. I plan on reviewing all of the material in this course soon, as I do believe the more frequently reviewed, the better I will be in handling crisis situations, which makes for a safer environment for everyone. Great job!

course was helpful narrator did great in providing example and changed his tone of voice to help the listener understand the different ERLS as if thought the listener was in a crisis intervention. Helpful examples where shown threw videos. I needed cpi certificate course and this was perfect.

This is a new environment that I will be working in, so I felt this cpi training online style course was extremely helpful in how to deal with inmates that I will be working with. I will continue to review these strategies, because they are also helpful in day to day life.

I have taken two other courses for a crisis prevention intervention certificate. This course covered more thoroughly the verbal de-escalation techniques. The other certified cpi courses were more about the physical restraints and manual holds. I am very glad to have taken this crisis training course. I came away with a better way of dealing with my aggressive and agitated patients. Thank you.

The content was the most up to date with the different populations than past courses, I learned alot about myself! I have had CPI training near me before, and this was far better I believe and very convenient to learn online. Thank you!

It was very informative and will be helpful in preparing for a change in mycareer. It has made me more aware of my attitude and myreactions to situations. It was presented very well and easy to understand. Many coworkers are cpi trained and have crisis training, so this was helpful to take.

I enjoyed learning about the various techniques of de-escalation and becoming a certified cpi practitioner. I am confident that if I review once in every few weeks plus practice i will be a better person in handling crisis intervention prevention training verbally to keep everyone safe. I needed cpi certification online, thank you.

I was especially impressed with the wisdom and common sense techniques taught in the deescalation modules. I appreciate the idea of treating the individuals in crisis fairly and not boxing them in/not causing them further damage. This was the most interesting deescalation classes I have taken so far in my career. I have had a CPI certification cost in the past and your pricing is fair. Thank you for your teaching style which kept me interested the during every crisis prevention intervention training module!

Good job, works as well as other cpi classes I have taken in the past. Crisis prevention intervention certification online is not easy to find and your crisis prevention certification is perfect for my needs. Thanks. 350c69d7ab


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