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Tell Me Lies S01E03 FRENCH HDTV

Later, Tori is at the Blackbox Theater cleaning up the mess when Jade comes in. Jade is confused that Tori didn't tell on her, which she thinks is 'not right'. Tori decided not to tell on Jade because it will not be fun for either of them to go to school if they keep fighting all the time. Jade says Tori can't be nice to her when she's been mean to Tori; that's not how it works. But Tori replies that Jade should be nice to her some time; maybe that will work. Finally, Jade decides to help clean up. She then plays some music and starts dancing. Eventually, the guard sent to watch Tori, Derek, joins in and gets so caught up in the dancing that he doesn't realize Tori and Jade made their escape until he is left alone in the theater to clean up.

Tell Me Lies S01E03 FRENCH HDTV

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