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Szenio Tablet Pc 2000 Firmware Download |LINK|

As previously mentioned, the new Szenio tablet PC 2000 is a completely new platform, a new functionality. Therefore, the hardware developed and discussed in this article is not used on this new platform. This article gives a general impression of the hardware and is based on monitoring the code in the C715. However, be aware that the hardware and software can also differ in the new Szenio. In addition, the firmware, which is needed to update the operating system or hardware, and to download the new firmware is only available for developers. In fact, the current revision was developed in the regular server at European level. Since the Server is not officially released, the download, although possible by a few testers, is no less risky and should be taken at your own risk. If you would like to support the development work, there is an appropriate donation page on the website. This ROM is only for the process of debugging the new platform and software. It is not the production version, and only used for debugging. The software, hardware, and platform are still in development.

Szenio Tablet Pc 2000 Firmware Download

Generally, those who are still working with Szenio tablets, you are familiar with the platform capabilities and capabilities and in need of firmware to update your machines. Most of these users would like to update the new platform and ensure that they are compatible with these new capabilities. Any information about the new Szenio platform is always welcome. It will be possible to download the firmware of the new Szenio tablet.

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