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Best Place To Buy Broadway Tickets Cheap ((LINK))

If you are in NYC already then for half price tickets go to the South Street Sea Port TKTS office at 1823 W. 27th St. No lines! Great prices! If you wNt to see more than one show - you can take you ticket from the first show and go to the Times Square location to the front of the line to get another ticket! It's the best kept secret on Broadway!

best place to buy broadway tickets cheap

Broadway box . Com I found cheapest . I bought two tickets for phantom chose good seats for 90 sterling . Easy as well they email tickets 24 hour later / print and your good to go . Be aware drinks are very expensive 2 Pepsi &20 sterling ( 90 each tickets sorry )

Unlike some of the previously mentioned discounted ticket options, these special theater week offers include popular family shows such as "Wicked" and "The Lion King." (In fact, this limited-time option is how I originally introduced my theater-loving kiddo to Broadway musicals.) Tickets usually go on sale about three weeks in advance, with tickets for the next theater week (which takes place from Sept. 6-25) available to buy starting Aug. 16.

The cost of Broadway tickets can be downright mind-boggling, but there are creative ways to get affordable tickets for your family outing in New York City. Here are eight ways to get cheap Broadway tickets in New York City.

Believe it or not, entering a daily lottery works for a lot of people and tickets can be as low as $10 per ticket! Right now there are lotteries for Hamilton, Mean Girls, Frozen, Aladdin, Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, and The Lion King. Information can be found here on how to enter various lotteries and ticket pricing. The catch is that you must be able to attend the play that day so be prepared to be flexible for cheap Broadway tickets.

Playbill, Goldstar, Broadway Box, Stub Hub, and Theater Mania are great resources for cheap Broadway tickets. Sign up for their newsletters and follow their news on tickets rather closely. Also, download the Today Tix app, which offers discount Broadway tickets on nearly every show and also alerts you to enter daily lotteries. Tickets are easy to pick up outside the theater and can be booked in advance. Groupon is another app to watch for cheap Broadway tickets.

Managed by the Theater Development Fund, there are four TKTS Discount Booths in New York City: Times Square, South Street Seaport, Downtown Brooklyn, and Lincoln Center. Visit these locations for cheap Broadway tickets. The key is to download the TKTS App so you can see what shows are available before heading to the booth.

If you were priced out of Broadway's "Hamilton" a few years ago, when resale tickets for Lin-Manuel Miranda's Tony-winning phenomenon were going for $1,000-plus, then you may want to give the show a second look. Miranda and the original cast may be long gone, but the musical remains a draw, and was Broadway's third-biggest grosser for the week ended March 27. And, best of all for your wallet, ticket prices have dropped considerably.

As with the other shows covered here, the best place to start your search for online tickets is with the production's official site. At last look, the "Hamilton" site was advising that best ticket availability was for weeknights this April and May. But once you click the "get tickets" button, and are taken to Ticketmaster, you're free to search for dates between now and late October.

Broadway shows range from in-demand new ones to long-running staples that people love to see again and again. Especially when it comes to new shows, however, sometimes it can be tough to get tickets. But even with long-running but still popular shows, you still want to ensure you get good seats and the best deal possible.

Make sure you are only visiting reputable sites like or But some third-party sites offer cheap tickets and discounted offers on Broadway shows. Check them out in advance of your trip and compare the prices to see what you can there versus directly from the venue.

Midweek is generally the best time to score the cheapest and best seats. I often have great luck on Wednesdays especially given that people are either working or its a bit further from a long weekend trip into the city. Weekday matinee shows often also have better availability as well.

A few times a year, NYCGo works along with various shows to offer 2 for 1 Broadway tickets. These get announced about a weeks before the actual Broadway Week takes place. Generally only a handful of shows participate but you can often find a few shows that are highly sought after to save a lot here.

Many of the most popular shows also offer a lottery for their tickets, where if you are lucky you can score cheap tickets to some amazing shows (like $10 tickets to Hamilton). These are generally entered prior to the day of the show unlike the digital rush tickets.

If you are really up for a show and are willing to stand for the performance, several shows offer standing room only tickets so you can stand in the back and still get to watch the performances. Worth it only if you really can handle standing the whole time and if your time in the city is limited (or your budget very limited). I found these tickets while more plentiful than rush tickets are really not much cheaper.

New York City is a place of wonder, possibility, and the best arts and entertainment in the world. It can also be a budget busting trip no matter how nearby you live. Of course New Jersey has plenty to offer and we will keep telling you about it, but Jersey Family Fun wants to help you visit the Big Apple more, and spend less while doing it.

Standing room only (SRO) tickets are what they sound like: for a much cheaper price than an orchestra seat, you can stand in the back of the theatre and watch the show. This is actually much more comfortable than it sounds, most theaters have a padded bar to lean on, and the view is pretty great. Even better, you can avoid the long lines by being first in line for the bathroom at intermission. Standing room only tickets are only sold at the box office if a performance is entirely sold out, so it can be worth calling the theater to ask if they are available before you make the trek into Times Square.

An August Wilson Theatre seating chart will be exhibited alongside accessible Mean Girls Broadway tickets, and also may be used to filter listings should you want to sit down in a specific section of the place. Discount Mean Ladies tickets will be exhibited on top, with ticket prices rising in cost as you scroll down. Make sure you click on every part of the August Wilson chair map so that you may find a solid idea about exactly what tickets are accessible. Other sorting choices include seeing by quantity or price. When prepared for voucher, hit" Purchase"

The get-in cost, or cheapest cost for a ticket to watch Mean Girls, is around 100$. Costs will fluctuate based on several things like demand and inventory, so make sure you receive your discount Mean Ladies tickets until it is too late! 041b061a72


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