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Download Windows RT 8.1 ISO for Surface 64GB: Tips and Tricks

The surface device recovery image download website will show you the supported recovery images for your surface devices. I have come up with a quick list of Windows Operating System versions available as recovery images for various surface devices in the following section of this post. The List of Surface Device Recovery Images with Windows OS Versions details is available in the below section of the post.

what i did was after trying a million times ,what finally worked was to do a refresh and not loose ill my stuff , when it finished i , went to system update and when i got them i didnt update nothing that had to do with office . so skip anything that has to do with office dont install those updates .. when all those updates install restart wait , then check for updates again and remember not to install anything that says office , hopefully then you will get the kb2919355 update install it along with whatever other updates that are there, no office remember , once it reboots now you can install Windows8.1-KB3097667-arm.msu so download it from above and leave it on your desktop , and while your at it also download kb3173424 and kb3172614 and also put it on your desktop . turn off wifi and restart your surface rt , after it restarts install kb3097667 then restart then install kb3173424 restart install kb3172614 then restart ,after that you should be good to go .. i tried a millions times and wasted hours , and what worked was not installing any office updates until i did the steps i did above .. you might have to do this if you see update get stuck be patient ..Swipe from the right > Control Panel > TroubleshootingUnder System and Security click Fix problems with Windows UpdateClick Next and click on Try troubleshooting as an administratorNow the tool will detect and fix problems for you, it will take about two minutes to complete if

windows rt surface 64gb iso download


The dedicated forum topic on XDA gained a new activity in June and quickly a new team gathered to boot Linux on the Surface RT:


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