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Pacific Rim movie in Telugu free

Pacific Rim is a 2013 science fiction action film directed by Guillermo del Toro and starring Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba, Rinko Kikuchi, Charlie Day, and Ron Perlman. The film is set in the future, when Earth is at war with the Kaiju, colossal monsters that emerge from an interdimensional portal at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. To combat the Kaiju, humanity creates the Jaegers, giant robots that are controlled by two pilots who share a neural link.


The film was released worldwide on July 12, 2013 and received mostly positive reviews from critics and audiences. It grossed over $411 million at the global box office and was nominated for several awards, including an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects. A sequel, Pacific Rim: Uprising, was released in 2018.

Pacific Rim was dubbed in several languages, including Telugu, a Dravidian language spoken by about 75 million people in India. The Telugu version of the film was released on July 19, 2013 and was well received by the Telugu-speaking audience. The film's action scenes, visual effects, and soundtrack were praised by the viewers.

However, watching Pacific Rim in Telugu for free is not a legal or ethical option. The film's producers and distributors have invested a lot of money and effort to make the film and release it in different languages. Pirating or streaming the film online without paying for it is a violation of their intellectual property rights and harms their revenue. Moreover, watching the film on low-quality websites or platforms can ruin the cinematic experience and diminish the film's quality.

Therefore, the best way to watch Pacific Rim in Telugu is to buy or rent a legal copy of the film from authorized sources, such as DVDs, Blu-rays, or online streaming services. This way, you can enjoy the film in high definition and support the filmmakers and artists who worked hard to create it. You can also watch the film's trailer [here] or read more about it [here].


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