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DotA v6.81b AI 1.2.0 Rev 3 map download: Everything you need to know

the orb effects must have changes on it. in dota 2, you can have maelstrom and mask of madness working also maelstrom and desolator, just when the maelstrom connects, it releases chain lightning, but when its not, the desolator (corruption orb) is working.also if sir icefrog can make an online active delay reducer on rgc, garena, others, it will be a lot of helpful on our dota 1 players. :)

dota 81 ai map download

Really appreciate icefrog's effort on continuing creating new maps. The upcoming of new heroes and items should be on their way soon. Hopefully icefrog will come up with some awesome ideas for dota 1 to make the game be much better and interesting in the near future.


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