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Roja Movie In Hindi Version Full ((INSTALL))

In Roja full movie, we see that Roja accompanies Rishi to Kashmir as he is on a classified mission as instructed by the government. Her world is devastated when Rishi gets abducted by jihadist militants demanding an independent Kashmir and a safe release of their leader Wasim Khan. In a land unknown to Roja, she tries everything possible to free her husband, right from pleading to the politicians to asking the military for help. Rishi, who has been abducted by the terrorist group led by Liaqat (Pankaj Kapur), tries to reason with them. The Indian government refuses to give in to the demands of the terrorists, which result in angered terrorists harming Rishi. Soon, the strong beliefs of the terrorists are shaken as Liaqat's younger brother is shot dead by the Pakistan Army. Watch Roja Hindi movie to know whether Roja succeeds in freeing her husband.

roja movie in hindi version full


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