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Criminal Case: Pacific Bay Mod Menu APK - Get Unlimited Resources and No Ads

Criminal Case: Pacific Bay is one of the sequels of the popular Criminal Case for Android, in which you'll solve a case on series of murders which took place in a resort town. Find evidence, follow the tracks of the criminal, and catch killers and other criminals, becoming the best police detective from the department of murder investigation.

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Investigate the murder of Christie Baker and work on other cases: visit scenes of crimes, find evidence, question witnesses and suspects. Make lab test of the material you'll find, they'll take you to closer and closer to the real criminal: don't let the murderer avoid fair punishment!Download now Criminal Case Pacific Bay MOD APK for free, only at!

You will need to solve a murder mystery in order to complete this case. The story takes place in Grimsborough, a town known for its high rate of violent crime and homicide. You have taken on the role of a detective with the intention of cracking the cases and bringing the criminals to justice.


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